As most of my nearest & dearest know, I was a hairdresser in a previous life, so when it comes to my hair & make up on the day, I was worried about how I would go letting someone take over my face & hair. For anyone getting married, I HIGHLY recommend getting a trial done, even if it’s with your hairdresser of 10 years, a trial helps you both understand your style & the look for the day.

Today I had my first trial with local beauty superstar – Gail from Turret House. Gail started her career as a hairdresser in Queenstown and moved into working in the NZ film industry as hairdresser & makeup artist to the stars  (including the Lord of the Rings franchise ). Obviously I’ll be looking more like an elvish goddess than an orc, well that’s the plan!

I love everything old school Hollywood, so my hair and make up will be based of this style. I love a bold lip & eyeliner, and a girl can’t go past a nice set of lashes. However, I also need to remember that I’m a bride, not on a night out hah, so toning down my usual bold make up style is difficult!

Makeup – Inspiration – 1950 Glam. We went with a dark lip, nude eyes, thick eyeliner with white highlights, gold glitter (which I won’t be doing on the day) and full coverage. Although the make up photographed quite differently to how I saw myself, it gives me an idea of what I will change on the day.

Hair – Inspiration – 1920’s upstyle. I’ve decided to have my hair up, as it is so ridiculously thick and heavy that I would spend the day looking like Simba. I’ll also be having a veil, which isn’t pictured here, & a hair comb after the veil comes off. I’ll make some alteration on the day (tighter curls & more defined waves) but was super happy with how Gail understood what I wanted.

Turret house offers wedding packages which are based on getting ready at Gail’s local salon (which is STUNNING). Half Day – 5 people $848.00 or a Full Day – 10 people $1500. So price wise, it’s approx $150.00 per person for Full Hair & Make up!

I had a great first trial and am super happy with the style I went with. A few adjustments and I’ll be look like a super bridal hah.

Stay tuned!

– Ashleigh